vRealize Ops Manager

vRealize Operation Troubleshooting

I decided to share some common troubleshooting steps I’ve had to do with vRealize Operations at customers. Troubleshooting steps Enabling SSH on the appliance: Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager (formerly known as VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vApp)) virtual machine console as root using ALT-F1.Note: By default there is no root password configured. Start the […]

VMware Horizon View

Horizon 7.0.2, What’s New?

Blast Improvements Further enhancements to the protocol Improvements in the GPU-encode/decode that significantly lower bandwidth and latency Improvements in the JPG/PNG codec to reduce bandwidth utilization by 6x vRealize Operations integration with Blast Extreme.  I can now see Blast statistics in the vROPs console UEM Smart Policies Integration with Blast.  I can now use the […]

VMware App Volumes

Configure App Volumes log rolling

App Volumes Manager logs are growing continuously, after a long while taking up substantial amounts of disk space. App Volumes can be configured to roll the logs after a specified size on disk has been reached.   On the manager server: 1) Open C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudVolumes\Manager\config\log4r.yml 2) Find the section output_templates under which standard_output section […]